Hammer Works For You!

Automotive Host: Television, Radio, Webcast, Podcast, On Site, Print

Born & raised in Detroit, Hammer was destined to be a "Car Guy."  Professionally, he's been a TV and Radio personality longer than Millennials have been a thing.  These days he combines both of those worlds by telling stories of the personalities and vehicles that lead this amazing industry.  

Companies like Dodge, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Ram, BMW, Ford and others trust him to be the link between them and their enthusiasts.

Product Specialist

Got a new product to highlight?  Call Hammer!

Nothing captures the automobile like experiencing it first hand.  Engage consumers' minds and they'll move a vehicle from "dream" to "reality" in their hearts.  Hammer demonstrates your product, tells its story and builds the passion that sells!

Precision Driver

Exotics, Sportscars, NASCAR stock cars, Formula Cars, Motorcycles and more.  On tracks, at events, instructing at schools and on set for TV, Film and Video productions.  Hammer still actively races, keeping his skills sharp for your event.

With John Hammer You'll Stand Out


Commanding a crowd and sharing your message.  That's what Hammer does for you!


Hammer talks like a car guy because he IS a car guy!


Hammer captures your customers' imaginations, turning relationships into sales.