Let's Talk Cars...                     
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Nothing captures the excitement of the automobile like actually experiencing it first hand.  Car-centric events engage consumers' minds and allow them to move that vehicle from "dream" to "reality" in their hearts.  But, it takes more than just a great car or sunny location to make that happen.  You need an event facilitator to demonstrate the product, to tell it's story, to build that passion.  Do that and they will respond!

Anyone can stand in front of a crowd, HAMMER STANDS OUT!

John Hammer makes your event come to life!

  • Event Facilitator
  • Announcing; Radio/TV/Voiceover
  • Product Specialist
  • Script & copywriting
  • Powerpoint integration
  • Media Contact & Public Relations
  • Group instruction / Classroom teaching
  • One on One driver coaching
  • Right Seat driver coaching

Imagine the excitement of a professional presenter working for you!  Selling your product.  Capturing the imaginations of enthusiasts & customers.  Turning those relationships into sales.  THAT is what John Hammer does for you.